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Carbon Nation

  • A film that celebrates solutions and inspires action. SHFT friend Peter Byck's new film premieres in New York.

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    Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth introduced a lot of people to the problems presented by climate change. Now, Carbon Nation looks to open people's eyes to the possibilities of a low carbon economy. Directed by Peter Byck, the long awaited movie visits with a cast of creative characters -- including West Texas wind farmer Cliff Etheridge, green jobs innovator Van Jones, and Virgin CEO Richard Branson -- working to inspire solutions to climate change.

    Carbon Nation debuts in New York City this weekend. Check out a list of screenings here.

    Through a cast of engaging and endearing characters from across the
    country, in towns big and small, Carbon Nation introduces us to the new
    wave of American ingenuity.  From one-armed Texas cotton farmer Cliff
    Etheridge, who is banding together small farmers¹ land to create one
    enormous wind farm, to green jobs innovator Van Jones, who is bringing
    clean technology and jobs to inner cities, it¹s clear that the creative
    solutions needed to combat climate change are already being created by
    entrepreneurs, visionaries, scientists, and the everyday man. By bringing
    their innovations to light, Carbon Nation is a film that celebrates
    solutions and inspires action.



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