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Hoplite Short Suit by Matuse

  • Lightweight wetsuit made from Geoprene -- a greener alternative to oil-based neoprene
  • $179.00
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    For shredders and kooks alike, San Diego's Matuse makes a full range of wetsuits using Geoprene, a durable, lightweight rubber made from limestone (as opposed to petroleum, which neoprene comes from). The alternative wetsuit material is not only more eco-friendly than neoprene, but it's more flexible and less permeable to water. This Hoplite 2mm Short Suit is the perfect setup for springtime surfing in California, with a titanium coated Geoprene texture skin on outer chest and back to provide paddling traction and prevent evaporative heat loss. 

    Matuse is serious about their philosophy "creativity connecting art and function," and according to founder John Campbell, they’re also "unapologetically ichiban": committed to building something that’s simply the best.




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