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Surreal Photos by Fenk Zhang

  • Posted by Neil Simonton on November 4, 2011 in Photography
  • Fenk Zhang is a 20-year old photographer from Chengdu, China whose Flickr-folio is chalk full of gorgeous images that show off his experiments with light and shadow. Hazy and dreamlike, the photos harken Ryan McGinley in their gauzy portrayal of beautiful people in nature.

    "I've been photographing seriously 1 year ago," says Fenk in endearingly broken Engrish. "Most of my photographs were made up in an experimental way, I am totally self taught and i guess it's the lack of knowledge that has allowed me to experimental out the way I wanted and also made the stuff i was doing completely no purposive stuff in. With every photograph I made the more excited I am by the world and I was getting constantly grateful for the way photography allowed me to see."

    Plenty more beautiful Fenk photos on Flickr.





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