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Nicholas Alan Cope: Whitewash

  • Posted by Neil Simonton on March 31, 2013 in Photography
  • Since moving to LA from Maryland in 2002, Nicholas Alan Cope has been documenting the infrastructure of his adopted hometown in stark, black-and-white photos. Those images of the city's geometric modern architecture are collected in a new book, "Whitewash," out this month on powerHouse.

    Cope relies on stark abstraction and the power of contrast to deliver what looks to be a surreal and special picture book. The photos peel away LA's glitzy allure to reveal the city's uniquely conflicted soul.

    The foreword to the book comes courtesy of black-obsessed fashion genius Rick Owens, who also moved to the City of Angels from beyond.

    "I moved to Paris from Los Angeles 10 years ago and haven't been back since. But this is exactly how I remember it," writes Owens. "This kind of light makes decisions easier. More black and white. Good vs. bad, pure vs. impure, aspiration vs. collapse. Determined grim optimism vs. self indulgent despair."

    (via Cool Hunting)





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