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Niccolo Bonfadini: Sentinels of the Arctic

  • Posted by SHFT on January 27, 2014 in Photography
  • In the northern reaches of Scandanavia lies Lapland, a winter wonderland where the Aurora Borealis shines bright above a snow-covered landscape blanketed in forests and dotted with lakes. Italian nature photographer Niccolo Bonfadini visited Finnish Lapland and captured some of the magic of the place. Bonfadini's Sentinels of the Arctic series features frozen pine and spruce trees, bowing under the weight of the previous night's snow.

    "During winter, with temperatures ranging from -40 to -15, the trees in some areas of the Finnish Lapland get completely covered by snow and ice," the photographer writes. "This makes for a unique landscape, where everything is white and frozen as far as the eyes can see. That morning I slept in my tent to watch the sun rise from the top of a hill; an eerie mist was forming around the trees, enhancing the mysterious atmosphere."





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