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Neil Dawson: Horizons

  • Posted by Neil Simonton on August 23, 2012 in Art
  • In the picturesque region of North Aucklund, New Zealand, where lush green hills roll into the Kaipara Harbour, there sits Gibbs Farm, a private sculpture park with works from so many major artists it makes our heads spin. On the crest of the property's highest hill, surrounded by pieces from the likes of Richard Serra, Sol Lewitt, and Andy Goldsworthy, is "Horizons," an awe-inspiring sculpture by Kiwi artist Neil Dawson.

    What from afar might look like a giant piece of paper carried by the wind is actually an enormous structure made of welded steel. At 15 by 36 meters, the scale is truly massive. Combine the size with the sculpture's illusory quality and we have all the makings of a powerful piece of art, with a subtle environmental message to boot. 

    (via Complex)





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