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Luxury San Francisco Commuter Bus is a Coffee Shop on Wheels

  • Posted by Peter Glatzer on March 29, 2015 in Design
  • With a coffee bar, free WiFi and a distinctively laid-back vibe, the newest luxury bus line to hit San Francisco’s streets offers all the comforts of your favorite café on wheels. The recently launched company Leap lets you travel in style, socialize and get work done all at the same time. An abundance of power outlets plus coffee and juice choices turn your daily commute into a delightful and productive experience.

    As the Starbucks chain has already proved, aesthetics are important, because cafes aren’t just selling coffee — they’re selling atmosphere. And in that department, Leap isn’t lacking, either. Distressed-wood-panel accents, rows of barstools facing windows and elevated, circular seating areas offer the collaborative space and relaxed ambiance that people usually turn to coffee shops to provide.

    The cross-town commuter bus is intended to shuttle the city’s youthful residents to work. To that end, riders can track it via GPS, book passes through an app and even view custom-built social media profiles of fellow riders. So far, Leap’s small fleet includes four buses and four stops within San Francisco. But with the promising business model, it appears to be just a matter of time before the company adds more routes and reaches a city near you.

    Via: My Modern Met

    Posted by Kelcee Griffis





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