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Dan Holdsworth: Infinite Picture

  • Posted by SHFT on August 17, 2011 in Photography
  • Dan Holdsworth's photos tend to have a sci-fi quality that makes it seem like you're looking at pictures of some distant planet dreamed up by George Lucas. But the Infinite Picture series is slightly different; instead of the space fantasy vibe, the photos of cloudscapes and mountain vistas look like nothing less than heaven itself -- or at least, how we imagine it. The otherworldly aura does not come easily, as is explained on Holdsworth's site:

    For Holdsworth, photography, with its technical precision and inherent wonder, its malleable power of authority, is treated as a challenge to limitation’s excess. Taking up to a year to produce, edited through primarily analogue processes, Holdsworth’s photographs tease out the invisible ‘truths’ imperceptible to the naked eye. His fantastical images aren’t elaborate deceptions, but rather astounding articulations of what is actually caught on film.

    For more awe-inspring Holdsworth photography, click through his Geothermal Power Plant series





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