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A Year on the Road: The Voyage Home

  • Posted by Emily Caldwell on December 17, 2012 in Photography
  • Churning over roads well traveled

    beaten by the wind and snow

    you hold your direction steady 

    wide awake on the voyage home.


    Parallel lines stretch anchored 

    between tiny handfuls of cars,

    as you watch the day's last light 

    fade beneath a heavy blanket of stars. 


    The cloak of night arrives with speed

    lofty buildings and cities gone

    cast off into an inky darkness

    mere shadows of places you've known


    So collect the little hours like teeth

    Under all boundless, stretching skies

    Beyond blind cliffs and ocean's waves

    Above all dark the sun will rise. 


    Life is a well worn book of journeys

    you march, ramble, and roam,

    your years a slew of countless tales

    the most important- the voyage home.



    -Emily Caldwell





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