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  • By Adele Peters

    This is what roughly one degree of global temperature rise–the current state of the climate–looked like in 2017: Wildfires torched Southern California after fire season should have ended. Earlier in the year, another large fire started in Greenland, a country mostly covered in ice. In the Alps, where glaciers and permafrost are melting, landslides sent rivers of sludge into villages. Floods forced hundreds of thousands of people to evacuate in China and thousands more in Bangladesh. In Ethiopia, drought and flooding left millions of people hungry. In Australia, hundreds of miles of coral died in the Great Barrier Reef.

    That’s just a piece of the impact of one degree of warming. By 2100, if emissions continue on their current trajectory, the global average temperature may go up five degrees. To limit warming to two degrees, the main goal set in the Paris agreement on climate, experts say that emissions will have to peak and begin to sharply decline in 2020. What happens in 2018 will be key to whether that’s on track to happen.  MORE

    Via: Fast Company





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